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I’m a Kauai based, adventure landscape photographer. A few years ago I started shooting weddings and people too (as long as an adventure or a beautiful landscape is involved!)

Born and raised in rural northwest Ohio, My curiosity for new scenery has encouraged me to spend a lot of time traveling.

Two years after graduating with a Fine Art Photography degree from Northern Kentucky University, I relocated to the gorgeous island of Kauai and launched a career in adventure photography.

In the years since, I have become an award-winning and an internationally published outdoor photographer. I’ve been creating imagery for outdoor brands and publications worldwide. (Check out

You'll most likely (try to) find me in the ocean, running through the jungle, or high on a peak, often barefoot, with a camera in her hand.

So I’m an adventurer, an explorer, a backpacker and outdoors enthusiast at my core. But all that being said, I really really love weddings and families. I’m all about relationships, and one of my favorite things about being a wedding and portrait photographer is the connection I get to build with couples. I’ve found that by specializing in intimate, outdoors-focused weddings and sessions, I get to know couples on a deeper level. I’m not just showing up and following a strict timeline, I’m exploring and experiencing the wild jungle or the windy coastal cliffs with you. I believe the best way to serve my couples and families is to go beyond the beautiful photographs and give them a meaningful experience. I do this with extensive planning assistance, location knowledge, and expert-level outdoor wedding photography skill. I promise, I am incredibly calming, reassuring, and scary good at this job!

I look forward to hearing from you!